Student Leadership


Resident Assistants (RA’s) are student members of the Student Services Department that apply & are selected through an application process.

The Resident Assistants live in dorm and assist in maintaining residence standards while providing help and guidance to students. Selection is made based on leadership potential, maturity and Christian commitment. Those interested in such a position should look for announcements in spring or speak to one of the Residence Directors.




The Heritage Student Cabinet or STUCA is composed of current students enrolled in an academic program at the College. The Executive Committee and various committee chairs are elected each spring and, along with representatives of various interest groups, form the Student Commons. The Student Union Constitution governs the activities of these groups. Clubs and specialized sports teams are formed annually based upon student interest. Committees seek the input and involvement of new students each year. Generally, one has opportunities to become involved with: Athletics, Publications, Social Events, Missions and Outreach, the Arts, and other committees.