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Life Long Learning

Heritage College & Seminary is always excited to welcome back alumni/alumnae who desire to continue learning. Classes are offered in a variety of modes: full semester (daytime or evening), week-long modules, several Saturdays per semester, multi-modal (two days on campus plus online), online, and distance education (DVD).

Heritage Seminary makes available to graduates of the Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies degrees one (three-hour course) audit each academic year at no charge. In order to register for your free audit course, please fill out the Heritage Seminary Alumni Bursary Authorization form. For any graduate wishing to upgrade a “free audit” to full credit, the current price of the credit course will be discounted by the current value of the “free audit.” The student will pay the difference. Any intention to upgrade from an audit to credit must be declared at the beginning of the course by filling out the Heritage Seminary Alumni Bursary Authorization form.

Click here to view the Alumni Bursary details for Seminary alumni (M.Div & M.T.S) wanting to take a free audit class or if you want to upgrade to take it for credit (and pay the difference). Complete the form attached and send to the Registrar's office.